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Are You Gardening?


A year ago when I stumbled across my Rolfer Giovanni for treatments for tense neck and shoulders I didn’t realise that I was walking into something much deeper. I guess like any other therapist or a teacher we are also drawn to the quality of their work, their presence and way of being, and how they interact with people.

Well this blog isn’t so much about my experience as a client with Giovanni or Rolfing. It is more about a concept he introduced which made a deep carving on my personal development; gardening. How many of us going about our days wishing things to be different? Often to be better at things, to feel happy, to manifest more of the good stuff. This reminds me of days that I was also into the law of attraction, part of the culture following the Secret and What the Bleep do We Know? Yes, I still believe in these concepts but I realised that manifestation is a matter of heart and soul’s wish, not the head. When the intention aligns with the heart’s longing the life energy flows effortlessly and creates things that one wouldn’t even dream of.

So the “gardening” concept is the work that needs to be acknowledged in that alignment. If we imagine ourselves to be a garden with roses, lilies, a beautiful pond, as well as weed, shrubs, cobwebs and other things disturbing to the eye, we could spend a lifetime staring at the beautiful flowers pretending nothing else exists in this garden. This is the illusion that if we pretend to be ok, to be happy, energetic, loving, caring all the time our lives will somehow mirror that. My experience is that it will at some point show up in our lives, the shrubs will grow so high, the weed will get into every corner that we’ll look at it one day and go “when did this happen?”. The energy spent in avoiding the shrubs can actually be better spent if we tend to it.

When I shared some of my personal “shrub” experiences with Giovanni he simply said “maybe go into that garden and sit there to see what arises in you”. This was the invitation to start doing some gardening. Not so much with the intention of changing anything to make it look pretty and rosy, but to simply witness what is hidden in these corners, even if I couldn’t name the experience.

Gardening requires a lot of skill as well. I visited my friend Narmin’s allotment this summer and saw how she really tends to her fruit and veg. She had so much care, attention and knowledge. She spoke to her vegetables. She gently cleared the weed out from their roots, wiped every leaf of her cabbages as they were being eaten by little flies, and watered everything attentively…

I have learned to sit in my garden but I’m definitely not an expert in gardening yet. It’s the first step forward I guess, just another step inward.

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  1. This is a beautiful post and has really made me think. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts.


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