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Home away from Home


Years ago whenever I travelled I had the notion that I was looking for a home, where to live, where to be, where to find everything I was looking for (whatever that meant). This notion disappeared in 2007 when I found home within my home, that was me wherever I went. That realisation took the anxiety of returning to London, and it also took away the hyperactivity I used to feel whenever I left the country. All of it felt ok. Maybe it’s something that comes with age, who knows?

Right now I feel very much at home in Vancouver. Rather than seeing one tourist attraction after another I’m enjoying a rainy day alone. I went for a yoga class, then walked 30min to a very cosy cafe, sitting by the window watching the rain spray down, cars passing by, people popping into the DIY store opposite, whilst a number of tables are occupied by some softly spoken people, and some just sitting and reading the Sunday paper.

I let go of the “home” concept long time ago. Yesterday was spent with a yoga teacher friend of mine who is relocating to Sweden due to her husband’s work. They had relocated to Vancouver from London 5 years ago. And yet in our conversation all I felt was ease, freedom, and excitement in her tone. She felt home wherever they moved, enjoyed starting new, being anonymous in a city and slowly building roots again. She took her yoga teaching wherever she went with the experience of running two very successful Ashtanga studios in both cities already.

Another example is my dear friends I’m visiting here who moved from Istanbul 6months ago to live here. It has had it’s ups and downs but with a very supportive relationship and positive attitude they’ve started to create a beautiful life for themselves. 

So I guess I feel like a turtle at the moment, home is wherever I go and the most important thing is the love and support around me. Especially now that I’m in a beautiful relationship I’m just excited to get on the road and move somewhere…when the time comes…


  1. Dani

    You have such an aura of beautiful bright energy all around you, that it comes as no surprise to me that wherever you go, it goes with you.
    From my travels, it is just those quiet days spent observing all around me that I carry with me on my journey, here or afar. Time to stop and watch the rain fall, listen to the buzz of life around and feel your heart respond and grow, Beautiful!

  2. Marcus

    Squeezing into one turtle shell with you will be fun!

  3. Home is where the heart is….it goes where you go. Have a good day x


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