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I Stood Still Today


It’s been a weird few days, even a few weeks. So many people’s lives have been shaken around me – loss of loved ones, serious sicknesses, helplessness…I felt the presence of death very closely again and this time not so much by witnessing it but more to be around people who have lost their loves ones. It felt like wounds cut fresh open again, deja vu, a bit like watching a film of myself or others in my shoes. As I did my best to console others I realised once again how fine the line is between life and death.

Then all these reflections made stop, stand still for a while, and look at the students of Stillpoint Yoga London. I don’t always know in detail what people go through, but it’s obvious when someone is unwell, off balance, a little torn. And not always bad things either…I looked back at the last 2 years and saw students passing exams, starting new jobs, weddings, babies, losing loves ones, financial crisis, injuries, healings… You name it and they’ve been through it.

And it amazed me as I stood still, that for 2 hours per day a group of people get together in a room with such different lives, with such different worries and joys; and they share, their energies dance around us for those 2 hours. It is the same wind that brings them to the room that takes them back outside to the world. They relate to others, deal with situations, they laugh, they cry…I am amazed with the range of colours they bring into this world and sometimes overwhelm myself by the enormous joint venture we’re on.

Is it any same or different? I don’t really know…

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  1. Marcus

    We are all on an adventure in a gigantic cottage pie. Some people get the mash, some the beef, and others the carrot. Same-same, but at different times.


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