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How much spam is present in your life?

When I pay attention to it I notice how much of it surrounds me. I guess we are bombarded all the time with newspapers, constant head noise, visual cramming… It’s everywhere we look, see and notice. Even though I try not to be extremely rude to the person on the other side of the phone I do lose it when I get yet another call to sell me double glazing or household goods. Talk about random marketing? What makes you think I even do any housework?

I had a friend who once said that when you get an unwanted call from a call centre all you do is leave the phone on, maybe in the next room, because the call centres can’t hang up on you. I don’t know if this is tested or just made up, I don’t even know why one would do that. You may as well ask them to take you off their register.

My favourite are the call centres in India, whenever I get a call from them I get to ask about where they are in India, what the weather is like, what their lifestyle is like and talk about my travels….Worse are the ones who lie to you. I had a call from someone who allegedly worked for Vodafone. She was asking me if I had received a phone from Vodafone in the last 12 months. To me it was obvious that she would have a record of that, so when I questioned her on it the line went dead.

Anyway, you’d be amazed how much spam I receive for these blogs too. First I thought people were genuinely interested or reading the blogs, but soon I discovered that the comments were irrelevant and often referred me to their websites selling random goods!

Here are some of the comments you don’t get to see on my page:

  • “I seriously enjoy what you post right here. Extremely insightful and intelligent. One concern though. I’m running Firefox with Debian and parts of your current page layout pieces are a little wonky. I realize it’s not a normal set up. But it’s something to hold in the mind. I wish that it will probably help and keep the finest quality writing.” – from a Polish site that I don’t understand what they do
  • “I fully agree with author opinion.” – from RedTube
  • “Nice commentary. last thirty days I uncovered this internet internet site and desired to permit you be conscious that i’ve been gratified, heading via your site’s posts. I should certainly be signing equally as much as the RSS feed and can wait around for another post. Cheers, Glen” – from Treatment for Psoriasis
  • “gucci handbag” – from…well you guessed a website selling fake Gucci handbag!
  • “You are the guy. Simply the best!” – from iPad Cover selling website

Do you think they’re helping my Google ranking?

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  1. Liz

    Try what Jamie’s Mum does – ask them what they are wearing…hehe!

    Love your posts Oz xxx


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