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Stuck at Frankfurt Airport


Did I ask for this? Certainly not. Well, not consciously anyway.

Even as my flight left 30min late from City Airport, and despite the unrecognisable mumbling by the captain, an apology along the lines of “this always happens here, something to do with air traffic” I did my best to surrender to the fact that I would be missing my connecting flight from Frankfurt, and connecting shuttle bus from Salzburg and connecting walk from my hotel to Kongress House to meet my fellow students and teachers at Brennan School.

I must confess the sheer frustration I felt when I still showed up at the gate in Frankfurt rather sweaty and out of breath to be told that the gate had shut 20min earlier than planned because the passengers had to take a bus to the plane. I was screaming “oh fuckie-di-fuck” on the inside whilst appearing calm and finding my soft voice asking the Lufthansa staff “well what do I do now?”.

5 extra hours added to the journey could have been worse given somewhat more traumatic airline experiences I’ve had in the past. Once I accepted the fact that things don’t go as planned in life sometimes I was able to open myself to the possibilities of fun. After all I love airports!

I spent the first hour walking around the duty free shop; smelling every perfume on the shelf, kindly turning down all the saleswomen who use a bottle of perfume more like a weapon and spray at your direction in every single opportunity, trying on every pair of sunglasses on display even if it means looking like a twat in some of them, smudging expensive eye shadow at the back of my hand as though I’m painting a Picasso painting and turning into a 3 year old in admiring mountains of chocolates and candies…

I then found myself at one of the ridiculously expensive cafes but at least grabing a table by the runway view, watching the blue sky and writing my blog. Bliss indeed.

And now, I’m amused by a very loud Italian group in the cafe who seem to have charged the energy in the room…with noise, hand gestures, taking photos of a Thomas Cook plane!! People watching is better than any entertainment one can experience.


  1. I now have a new saying….”oh fuckie-di-fuck”….. your so funny xx

  2. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti xxx


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