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Memorial Service


Marcus Sorensen held a memorial service for Ozge at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe on January 11th, 2012. Anne Hoye (faculty member), Natalie (classmate) and Laurie Keene (Dean of School) also contributed. The service has a period of meditation at the end, which you are welcome to participate in when listening to the service: the first part allows space to presence your own lost loved ones, perhaps by calling out their names, and the second part is a silent loving meditation.

The details of Ozge’s favourite charity (Macmillan Cancer Support) are shared at the end, for those who feel called to make a contribution in lieu of flowers at Ozge’s funeral, or on her birthday anniversary on 19 May :¬†


  1. annick schuerman

    Thank you Marcus for posting this and allowing us to be part of the community.

  2. Love Mandy x


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