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What’s changed?


I woke up this morning and listened into what had changed? There was a certain lightness and nothingness. No excitement, no fear, just a bit lighter. It could be that the realisation hasn’t quite hit me yet. It will be in January when I return to London, teach as usual and then??….ohhh….nothing!!

The one and only career I’ve ever had (apart from part time jobs) has been the 8 years of project management in the NHS and I waved it goodbye. With its ups and downs, opportunities and challenges, laughter and cries it’s been an amazing journey.

I can only look and appreciate everything it allowed me to do; its financial perks, holiday entitlements, crazy characters, pushing my boundaries and the general support for me to create everything today.

I could not have done it without you NHS, thank you. And who knows what is next?

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  1. Nicola Goggin

    “she seemed, like Athene, to have arrived in the world fully armed”. That’s how Stephen Fry describes his buddy Emma Thompson, and I instantly thought of you when I read it :)


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